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Atomic-scaled investigation of structure-dependent luminescence in Sialon:Ce phosp.. 许钫钫 4
Er-sup-3+-sup-;LiYF-sub-4-sub-单晶生长与光谱特性 99 3
激光剥蚀电感耦合等离子体质谱法测定碳化硅器件中杂质元素 周慧 3
Preparation of SiC Ceramics by Laminated Object Manufacturing and Pressureless Sin.. Zhong H(仲鹤) 3
Nanoporous SiO2/TiO2 composite coating for orthopedic application Xiaobing Zhao99 3
Mechanical Properties and Protein Adsorption of Ca-5(PO4)(2)SiO4 Bioceramics Sinte.. Peng LJ(彭玲洁) 3
Cytocompatibility of Si-incorporated TiO2 nanopores films Qian S(钱仕) 3
Preparation and in vitro osteogenic, angiogenic and antibacterial properties of cu.. Tian, Tian 3
MgO对YAG透明陶瓷烧结性能的影响 Qin Xianpeng 3
A Promising Way To Enhance the Electrochemical Behavior of Flexible Single-Walled .. 刘继磊 2
电阻型半导体气体传感器概况 王红勤 2
Transparent Conductive Graphene Films Synthesized by Ambient Pressure Chemical Vap.. 毕辉 2
Mesoporous hollow TiO2 microspheres with enhanced photoluminescence prepared by a .. 丁尚军 2
Orientation Preference of Transparent Conducting In2O3:Sn Films and its Formation .. 万冬云 2
New stannite-like p-type thermoelectric material Cu3SbSe4 杨重寅 2
CsI单晶中低价态Bi的超宽带近红外荧光特性 苏良碧 2
A Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance Biosensor Based on Integrated Controllable A.. Haowen Huang 2
The Effect of CaSiO3 Nano-Particles Reinforced Denture Polymethyl Methacrylate Chen Qian 99 2
钨酸铅晶体的比热、热扩散率和热导率及其与晶向的关系 蔡岸 2
Glow discharge mass spectrometry studies on nephrite minerals formed by different .. 99 2
不同方法制备的PMN–PZT陶瓷的相结构和电性能的研究 王丽 2
Copper ion liquid-like thermoelectrics 刘灰礼 2
In-situ formed gamma-Al2O3 nanocrystals repaired and toughened Al2O3 coating prepa.. 杨凯 2
不同Zr/Ti比透明铁电陶瓷PLZT的光散射性能研究 夏彬 2
Solvothermal synthesis of oriented hydroxyapatite nanorod/nanosheet arrays using c.. Chen F(陈峰) 2
Break-up of Two-Dimensional MnO2 Nanosheets Promotes Ultrasensitive pH-Triggered T.. Chen Y(陈雨) 2
Injectable Smart Phase-Transformation Implants for Highly Efficient In Vivo Magnet.. Chen Y(陈雨) 2
Intranuclear Photosensitizer Delivery and Photosensitization for Enhanced Photodyn.. Pan LM(潘黎敏) 2
Conjugation-induced fluorescence labelling of mesoporous silica nanoparticles for .. 99 2
The effect of modified interfaces on the mechanical property of β-silicon nitride.. Yin JW(尹金伟) 2
Infiltrated SmBa0.5Sr0.5Co2O5+d cathodes for metal–supported solid oxide fuel cel.. Zhou YC(周玉存) 2
Study on injectable silicates/alginate composite hydrogels Chang J(常江) 2
Intelligent MnO2 Nanosheets Anchored with Upconversion Nanoprobes for Concurrent p.. Fan WP(范文培) 2
Injectable 2D MoS2 -Integrated Drug Delivering Implant for Highly Efficient NIR-Tr.. Wang SG(王世革) 2
Fabrication, Microstructure and Magnetic Properties of LiZn Ferrites by Hot Pressi.. Zeng, Xia 2
Hierarchical micro/nanostructured titanium with balanced actions to bacterial and .. Yu Zhu99 2
Degradation and Silicon Excretion of the Calcium Silicate Bioactive Ceramics durin.. Lin KL(林开利) 2
Enhanced Corrosion Resistance and Biocompatibility of Magnesium Alloy by Mg-Al-Lay.. Peng, Feng 2
Debundling of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes by HPC in 1-propanol and Water 王焱 1
Doted Titania(B) Nanobelts with Anatase Nanocrystals for Improved Photocatlytic Ac.. 罗建强 1
Esterification of Chemical Functional Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes 谢晓峰 1
Functionalization of carbon naotubes for nanoparticle attachment 刘阳桥 1
添加WC的ZrB2陶瓷在高温下的形变 郭伟明 1
Mo2NiB2基硬质合金的反应合成和力学性能 袁波 1
Synthesis and characterization of FePt nanoparticle/ multi walled carbon nanotube 王焱 1
Synthesis of novel hierarchical graphene/polypyrrole nanosheet composites and thei.. 徐朝和 1
Na(2)O-B(2)O(3)-SiO(2)焊料与碳化硅基底界面研究 罗朝华 1
水基流延成型制备ZrB2和ZrB2-20vol% SiC复合材料的微观结构和抗热震 吕志翚 1
水基流延和热压烧结ZrB(2)-SiC复合材料的制备过程和性能研究 吕志翚 1
透明陶瓷用单一分散球形Nd:Y(2)O(3)粉体的合成 罗朝华 1
凝胶注模成型和无压烧结碳化物陶瓷的性能研究 江东亮 1
Fabrication of Aluminium Nitride by Electrophoretic Deposition 张海龙 1
Fabrication and properties of highly transparent Er:YAG ceramics 覃显鹏 1
Fabrication of Nd:YAG transparent ceramics with both TEOS and MgO additives 99 1
BN添加剂对硅粉氮化法合成多孔Si3N4/BN 陶瓷的机械性能的影响 姚冬旭 1
悬浮法制备的Er3+/Yb3+掺杂钛酸盐玻璃的热、机械及上转换发光性能 潘秀红 1
介导固态转换法合成牙釉质状羟基磷灰石 江东亮 1
synthesis of submicron-sized spherical Y2O3 powder for transparent YAG ceramics 覃显鹏 1
The effect of MgO and SiO2 codoping on the properties of Nd:YAg transparent cerami.. 99 1
氮化硅陶瓷的应用和酸腐蚀研究进展 郇昌天99 1
Eu2+掺杂SiAlON基复相荧光粉物相组成及发光性能的研究1 张玉强 1
反应烧结制备AlON透明陶瓷 袁贤阳 1
聚碳硅烷低温烧结碳化硅网眼多孔陶瓷的研制 姚秀敏 1
国产氧化铝粉体的改性及其烧结性能研究 王利 1
A one-pot method to grow pyrochlore H4Nb2O7-octahedron-based photocatalyst 吴建军 1
An aqueous gel-casting process for γ-LiAlO2 ceramics 徐小刚 1
Effect of Ta-doping on the ionic conductivity of lithium titanate 吴相伟 1
Optimized thermoelectric properties of Mo(3)Sb(7-x)Te(x) with significant phonon s.. 史啸亚 1
填充方钴矿热电材料:从单填到多填. 席丽丽 1
Thermoelectric nanocomposite from the metastable void filling in caged skutterudit.. 熊震 1
Fabrication and Characterization of Tricalcium Silicate Bioceramics with High Mech.. 钟洪彬 1
Yb(3+):CaYAlO(4)中耗散孤子的证实 99 1
Morphology investigation of yttrium aluminum garnet nano-powders prepared by a sol.. 郭凯 1
正铁氧体HoFeO(3)的单晶生长、磁学性质和Schottky缺陷 99 1
电子束辐照诱导Bi:α-BaB_2O_4单晶近红外宽带发光的研究 赵衡煜 1
Osteoblast-like cell adhesion on porous silicon-incorporated TiO2 coating prepared.. Zhenxiang Zhang 1
生物活性聚乳酸/SiO2-CaO复合薄膜的制备和表征 李晋波 1
Diffusion Behavior of Dual Capping Layers in TiN/LaN/AlN/HfSiOx/Si Stacked Structu.. X.H. Zheng 1
多种形貌金属碲化物纳米结构的溶剂热合成及光学性能 蒋灵 1
羟基磷灰石纳米棒:一种有前途的基因载体 Guo-Jun Wu 1
锌黄长石和b-TCP陶瓷对人体骨髓干细胞体外增殖和成骨分化的影响 LuHongxu 1
Multifunctional magnetic mesoporous bioactive glass scaffolds with hierarchical po.. 吴成铁 1
Mussel-inspired porous SiO2 scaffolds with improved mineralization and cytocompati.. 吴成铁 1
Proliferation, differentiation and gene expression of osteoblasts in boron-contain.. 吴成铁 1
The effect of pore size on tissue ingrowth and neovascularization in porous biocer.. Bai Feng 99 1
介孔SnO2团簇的制备和电极特性研究 李芳 1
Nano-Structured Titanium Coating for Improving Biological Performance 谢有桃 1
基于金纳米管电极的高性能电流生物传感器 王云丽 1
窄PH范围响应壳聚糖包覆介孔氧化硅药物载体 陈芳 1
借用乙炔黑碳热还原氮化法合成六方氮化铝纳米线 杨涛 1
具有立方晶核ZnSe四足纳米晶的制备与表征 刘真 1
微米空心碳球串珠结构的制备与形成机理 杨涛 1
脉冲加热—热导法测定氮化锰粉末中的氮含量 何克伦 1
Structures and morphology of the ordered domains in Sm2Zr2O7 coatings 许钫钫 1
等离子喷涂氧化锆涂层的微观结构和热导率的关系 王墉哲 1
Pb(In1/2Nb1/2)O3–Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3–PbTiO3单晶MA相的偏光显微镜观察及其对电场和温度.. 李晓兵 1
Low thermal hysteresis pyroelectric response near the ferroelectric/antiferroelect.. 张红玲 1
镨铈共掺硼酸镥钪晶体的发光和能量传递 吴云涛 1
组合材料方法研究膜厚对Ni/SiC电极接触性质的影响 黄维 1
Thermal fatigue behaviour of Al2O3 insulating film with Ni-based buffer layer 吴岭南 1
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文章名称 第一作者 下载量
全部 所外 国外
文章名称 第一作者 下载量